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Man charged with dual felonies after sharpened in Blue Springs on Monday

January 31, 2014 Blue Springs No Comments

Crime fasten surrounded a Blue Springs duplex on Monday, Jan 27 after a sharpened that left one male injured. (WDAF-TV)

Crime fasten surrounded a Blue Springs duplex on Monday, Jan 27 after a sharpened that left one male injured. (WDAF-TV)

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — A assembly with a ostensible drug dealer, who goes by a alias “Popeye,” incited aroused for a Blue Springs male who was sent to Centerpoint Medical Center on Monday with 3 gunshot wounds.

On Wednesday a Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office announced that 40-year-old Mandel L. Perkins, aka “Popeye,” was charged with first-degree attack and armed rapist movement as he’s suspected to have shot a still unclear victim. That plant was reported to have non-life melancholy injuries.

Officers arrived on Monday around 3:15 p.m. and found a plant in a garage area of a duplex in a 1100 retard of NW 1st Street. A illusive means matter alleges that detectives spoke with Cherrie Kemp, who rents a duplex, and her son, Brandon Kemp.

A investigator was told that a plant was behind on his lease and that Cherrie Kemp introduced a plant to a ostensible drug dealer. The illusive means matter mentions that conjunction of a Kemps were benefaction for a shooting.

The plant spoke with investigators while he was still in a puncture room and pronounced he had a assembly with Perkins and Perkins’ mother during a duplex. The plant pronounced he was ostensible to offered pot for “Popeye” though didn’t have his money.

After an sell of words, a plant got upset, picked adult a shelf and told them in a expletive-laced harangue to leave. The plant pronounced that Mandel Perkins incited like he was going to leave though afterwards incited around and started sharpened during him.

Blue Springs investigators performed a hunt aver for both a victim’s home and Perkins’ home. Shell casings and dual opposite size bullets were found during a victims’ home and investigators found 3 boxes of .40 size rounds during Perkins’ home.

Mandel Perkins was taken into control on Wednesday and charged in a crime. Prosecutors are requesting a $150,000 bond for Perkins. No justice dates have been announced yet.

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