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Police brand plant of probable Independence homicide

March 10, 2014 Independence No Comments

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – Neighbors of a probable carnage plant were left with an nervous feeling after they found out what had happened opposite a travel from them.

Police found 65-year-old Charles Stephens, passed in his autonomy home on Saturday. Neighbors contend his mother Carrie was left all day, and when she got home, found her father passed in their bed, draining from his mouth. Neighbors contend she ran to her subsequent doorway neighbor’s residence and yelled for them to let her in. They called 911 and military were on a stage shortly after.

Nita Wait pronounced she always looked brazen to saying her neighbor Charles Stephens opposite a street.

“Just a accessible effusive guy, he always waved,” pronounced Wait about her neighbor.

But now she feels something a small opposite as she watched military cars and crime stage fasten restraint off his home.

“My heart goes out to her. That’s a tough thing,” pronounced Wait about Stephens’ wife.

While some neighbors contend Stevens was good to be around, other neighbors contend they’d mostly hear screaming entrance from a home, and that a integrate was rumored to have had critical matrimony problems.

“He was a good man, only a sweetheart,” pronounced Wait.

“He’d lend we tools. He’d do anything for you,” pronounced neighbor Mary Rezaiekahaligh.

Whatever a case, people in Stephens’ area only wish to know what happened to their neighbor.

“I do wish to find out how it happened. we wish to make certain whoever did it is put away,” pronounced Rezaiekahaligh.

Although military aren’t releasing specifics they are statute this genocide a homicide.

Police are also seeking for a public’s assistance on this investigation. If we have any information greatfully call a TIPS Hotline during (816)474-TIPS.

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