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Pepsi, Lee Brice to provide Milligan to warn concert/Super Bowl ad

January 4, 2014 Lee's Summit No Comments

Update, 11 a.m. Saturday: Pepsi has announced that nation star Lee Brice will be a artist behaving during today’s unison in Milligan.

Pepsi is about to put Milligan – along with a York High School marching rope and suggestion patrol — on a map.

Not a Nebraska map, given a city and a 275 residents have been there forever, nestled between Fairmont and Geneva, Friend and Exeter, 50-some miles southwest of Lincoln.

We’re articulate a Super Bowl map. The Pepsi-sponsoring-halftime-hype map.

The one where a organisation from a Denver prolongation association and a soothing splash hulk comes into town, sets adult a garland of Pepsi vending machines, enlists a assistance of a York High School marching rope and suggestion patrol to fire some video and promises a giveaway unison on Saturday with a large unnamed nation strain star.

Milligan and a Super Bowl. Who would have thought?

Certainly not Stefanie Nichols, a owners of Evening With Friends, Milligan’s longtime steakhouse. She took a call a integrate of weeks ago from a prolongation association seeking about regulating her and her father Jon’s grill for a event.

After substantiating that a call wasn’t a prank, that there wasn’t some locate not straightforwardly apparent, a integrate pronounced yes.

“It’s extraordinary for all a media courtesy a grill has been removing and for a tiny village like Milligan,” pronounced Jon Nichols. “Apparently plcae does make a difference.”

Turns out Pepsi picked Milligan given it’s median between New York City and Los Angeles and suspicion it was a ideal mark to flog off a month-long debate to hype a halftime uncover it is sponsoring. Get it? Milligan’s halfway between a coasts, so it’s a ideal mark to foster a halftime show.

After Milligan, they’ll revisit other communities around a nation over a subsequent month to move a fun and fad of a halftime uncover to those who competence not be means to knowledge it first-hand, pronounced Maggie Connors, code manager on a Pepsi code team.

Connors and about 15 other people with out-of-state permit plates have been in Milligan for a past dual days, environment adult vending machines, handing out giveaway Pepsi and withdrawal bottles on a doorsteps of homes and businesses to tell people about Saturday’s show.

The eventuality had been hidden in privacy until a integrate of days ago. York High School Principal Mitch Bartholomew initial got a call a day before Christmas break.

“To make a prolonged story short, we asked about 10,000 questions only to find out what was going on,” he said.

When he was assured this was a legitimate eventuality that would be protected for students, he sealed an agreement irreverence him to secrecy. That done enlisting a assistance of a band, cheerleaders and dance patrol members — and their relatives — challenging.

“I couldn’t tell them a whole truth,” he said. “I pronounced ‘hey, you’re going to have to trust me on this one.”

What he did guarantee them was that it was something that competence not start again in their lifetimes, and he suggested they ask for a day off work if they were scheduled to time in somewhere. He sent a ubiquitous minute home to relatives and got sealed releases for 50 rope members and 21 suggestion group members.

On Monday, after a assembly with a Denver prolongation group things became clearer — and he was means to share some-more with students and parents.

Now they know it’s about Pepsi and a Super Bowl, and that a rope will impetus in a arrangement of a half-filled Pepsi bottle, will play their quarrel strain and a carol from a Bruno Mars strain — given he’s a star of a genuine Super Bowl halftime show.

They know they’ll impetus down Milligan’s categorical travel to a Evening With Friends restaurant.

What nobody knows nonetheless is who’s behaving during a 6:30 p.m. concert.

The prolongation association has been sharpened video footage in a city and will do so again Saturday, some of that will be posted on a Pepsi website and associated amicable media sites. Other video will be combined as other events occur.

Frigid temperatures aside, Bartholomew total it will be fun.

“I consider it’s crazy,” he said. “It’s not each day that this happens.”

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